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Medicare Supplement policies

Medicare Supplement Insurance

from Corwin Insurance Agency

Medicare Supplement Plans in Corvallis, OR

Medicare Supplement Insurance, or Medigap, is extra health insurance available from Corwin Insurance that pays health care costs that aren't covered by your standard Original Medicare. These costs include co-payments, deductibles and care outside of the U.S. For a monthly premium, a Medigap policy can cover all the unforeseen extras that might come your way. Corwin Insurance offers Medicare Part B Supplement Plans to help you feel more at ease.

Requirements for Medicare Supplement

If you already have Medicare A and B, you're eligible for a Medigap plan. Each of these Medicare plans cover a specific part of your care needs such as hospital services and doctors visits. Unfortunately, if you have a Medicare Advantage plan, you'll need to drop it before adopting a Medicare Supplement program.

Open enrollment for a Medigap plan lasts six months after the first day of the month on your 65th birthday. So if your 65th birthday is in January, you have until June to qualify for open enrollment. If you're already on a Medicare B plan, you have six months after signing up to get on board with Medicare Supplement.

How does Medicare Supplement Work?

Standard Medicare Supplement plans are labeled A through N, minus the E, H, I and J plans. Because premiums vary between providers, be sure to ask your Corwin Insurance agent for details. Just like any other insurance plan, Medicare Supplement plans require a monthly premium in addition to a Medicare Part B plan. The price varies based on the plan you buy, your location and age. The good news is Medicare Supplement programs are guaranteed renewable. Even if you have health problems, you're still covered when you pay your premiums on time.

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Curious about Medicare Supplement plans? This program is a good fit for anyone who visits the doctor often and finds themselves buried by expenses like copayments. The friendly staff at Corwin Insurance knows Medicare inside and out. Whether you just have questions or want to sign on to a plan today, call us to learn more today.

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